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Uncomfortable Stomach Gas Herbal Medicine

Stomach gas is created when food is not completely absorbed into the body and reaches the intestinal tract. The bacteria in the large intestine then decomposes the food waste, producing gas in the process. This is a very normal physiological process, but frequent symptoms of bloating, burping, unusual flatulence, abdominal distension and uncomfortable stomach gas can be a sign that you should...
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Herbal Treatment

What is chronic fatigue syndrome? Fatigue is a condition in which you are abnormally exhausted after your daily activities. This includes the feelings of having no energy to do things that require constant effort or concentration, or being too weak to perform your usual daily activities. If this condition persists for more than six months, it is chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome S...
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Why are so many Olympians covered in large red circles?

By Emma Ailes BBC News What are they, and why is everyone suddenly going dotty over them? The mark of an Olympic athlete, at least at Rio 2016, seems to be a scattering of perfectly round bruises. Swimmers and gymnasts, particularly from Team USA, are among those seen sporting the mysterious dots. No, not paintballing misadventures or love bites - they are the result of a practice known as "cuppi...
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Pulse diagnosis

This is used to derive a TCM diagnosis for your condition which is used to plan your treatment. This method is used to gain a deep understanding of the patient on many levels. The pulse provides immediate and specific information that can help clarify contradictory diagnostic information and symptomology.
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