Meditation Classes

When you practice this interesting and unique type of meditation in our meditation classes, it allows Qi energy to be collected and spread to different meridians of the body. This is basically a meditation that involves a lot of breathing and it helps enhance your mental and physical health tremendously.

Come join our Brisbane relaxation and meditation classes. You will get to find your true potential for healing your mind and body. Your stress levels will be reduced and your ability to concentrate will be improved. Overall, you’ll feel like you have more energy and strength from within. These organized classes have various training levels which range from beginners to more advanced.

Join our meditation and relaxation classes in Brisbane

To utilise your innate healing potential to achieve greater health of body and mind
To reduce stress and greatly improve your health
Greatly improve your concentration
Improve your energy and feel stronger within yourself
Includes well structured levels of training

Location: MacGregor, Brisbane 4109

Tuesday, Friday – 6am to 7:15am
Wednesday –7:30pm to 9:00 pm
Thursday : 7pm to 8:30pm
Friday: 9pm-10:30pm
Saturday – 7am to 9:30am (includes tai chi)

Cost – by donation

Steven is the presenter of the meditation sessions and he has been actively involved in meditation for 23 years.
If you would like to know more, Contact us for more information or phone 0414-361-305

meditation and relaxation classes in Brisbane
Meditation and relaxation classes in Brisbane
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