Acupuncture and Herbs for Female Infertility

Ried K1, Chinese herbal medicine for female infertility: an updated meta-analysis. Complement Ther Med. 2015 Feb;23(1):116-28. doi:
“Conclusions: Our review suggests that management of female infertility with Chinese herbal medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 3-6 month period compared with Western medical fertility drug therapy. In addition, fertility indicators such as ovulation rates, cervical mucus score, biphasic basal body temperature, and appropriate thickness of the endometrial lining were positively influenced by CHM therapy, indicating an ameliorating physiological effect conducive for a viable pregnancy.”, [Accessed , 15 May. 2018].

Ried K, Stuart K. Efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review. Complement Ther Med. 2011;19(6): 319-31.
“Conclusions: Our review suggests that management of female infertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 4 month period compared with Western Medical fertility drug therapy or IVF. Assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle, integral to TCM diagnosis, appears to be fundamental to successful treatment of female infertility.”, [Accessed , 15 May. 2018].

Acupuncture Treatment for Male Fertility.

Siterman S1, Eltes F, Wolfson V, Lederman H, Bartoov B.,Does acupuncture treatment affect sperm density in males with very low sperm count? A pilot study. Andrologia. 2000 Jan;32(1):31-9.
“It is concluded that acupuncture may be a useful, nontraumatic treatment for males with very poor sperm density, especially those with a history of genital tract inflammation.”, [Accessed , 15 May. 2018].

MacDonald, Nicola. Case study: Improving sperm parameters with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine [online]. Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Vol. 10, No2.2016.32-37.

“This case study demonstrates a male who presented with a semen analysis in the low-normal range and improved his sperm parameters by between 34% and 50% following three months of weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The patient and his wife reported their first pregnancy three months after the treatment period.”;dn=481567586393776;res=IELHEA ISSN: 1833-9735. [Accessed , 15 May. 2018].



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