Ear Acupuncture

The creation of ear acupuncture comes from the philosophies and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. This form of medical treatment is holistic, which means it treats the entire body.

What is the ear acupuncture process like?

This holistic treatment will regulate the internal organs of the body as well as their functions and structures. There are specific acupoints found on the ear which allow this to happen. The acupuncturist will use a mixture of normal acupuncture and ear acupuncture when doing this. Depending on the condition of the patient, the acupuncturist will choose a couple of acupoints on the ear and then stimulate them for excessive lengths of time. Ear tacks or ear seeds will usually be used to do this rather than the traditional big needles.

What are ear tacks and seeds?

The acupuncturist inserts ear tacks or ear seeds into the acupoints of the ear in order to stimulate those areas. Ear tacks are basically smaller versions of the traditional needles, but these tacks have an adhesive backing to them. They are placed inside the ear and stays there for a couple of days, or possibly a week if the condition is serious. Ear seeds are completely natural since they come from a plant called Vaccaria. They are very tiny seeds which get placed on the acupoints of the ear and then held there with adhesive tape. The seeds are supposed to stay there anywhere from a couple of days to as much as 2 weeks.

Specialising in treating the following conditions with Ear Acupuncture Therapy:

Ear Acupuncture Therapy can treat conditions like mood disorders, addictions, pain, obesity, and many other conditions.

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