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Acupuncture Chinese Herbs Brisbane

Chinese herbal medicine is a major aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on restoring a balance of energy, body, and spirit to maintain health rather than treating a particular disease or medical condition.

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) therapy involves the use of natural plants to regulate and normalise body function. Based on the characteristic of the substances or plants, it is used to help and restore any disorders of body functioning. Chinese herbal practitioner does diagnosis through consultation about their symptoms, observation of their tongue and facial features, palpitation of patient’s body and taking the pulse. This then allows the practitioner to make prescription for the patients.

Taking herbal medicine has many benefits for your body such by tonifying or reducing the qi (energy of body) in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect for the patients.

The cost of the Chinese herbs will be depend upon the treatment required. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information.

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